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Program Description

Accounting department was officially operated in 2008 and was accredited by the National Accreditation Board of Higher Education with the rank "A". Although classified as a new study program, accounting courses have a high number of enthusiasts with a significant increase in student numbers every year.

The learning process in accounting is not only prioritizing on classroom learning. The introduction of working world is also done through public lecture activities, company visit and regular internship held every semester.

Accounting students are also equipped with additional competence in the form of training certification:

  • Qualified Internal Auditors Basic Level I and II
  • Brevet tax A and B
  • System Analysis and Program Development (SAP).

This certification training is the result of a collaboration with the Foundation Education Internal Audit (YPIA), Directorate General of Tax Office of West Java, and Edugate SAP as the official holder of SAP license for education.