In order to prepare international class for accounting Prodi of Telkom University, which is an innovative program where students will have global opportunity with global certification, as well as global experience, various activities has been implemented and one of them is to conduct a comparative study on institutions that have first conducted an international class program for accounting Prodi. On this occasion, the date of 22 April 2019 International Class formation team visited Petra Christian University Surabaya. This visit was conducted by M. Muslih, SE., MM., Sri Rahayu, SE., M. Ak., Ak., CA., and Khairunnisa, SE., MM. The team was directly accepted by the dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, Mr. Ricky, SE., M.R.E., Ed. D who was accompanied by the Chairman of the accounting Program and secretary of the Jurursan International Business Accounting (IBAcc) who used the curriculum Meet the needs of the students in order to face changes in business environment, especially Asean Economic Community (AEC). The content sharing of International Business Accounting (IBAcc) is focused on the implementation of programs, academics, curriculum, international cooperation and collaboration with international associations, lecturing services, finance, and Administration. Hopefully, the International class program for accounting at Telkom University will be realized soon.

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