Bandung, Tax Center-Tel U – Saturday (9/2/2019), Tax Center Telkom University officially opened the training applied tax Brevet A&B integrated Batch VI year 2019 which was attended by the Board of Trustees of Tax Center Telkom University, Mr. Kurnia (Chairman of Tax Center), Mrs. Annisa Nurbaiti (Treasurer) and Mr. Muslih (member). Moreover, also attended by Mr. Deannes Isynuwardhana Kaprodi S1 Accounting which represents the dean of the Faculty of Economics and business-Telkom University.

Training of Applied Tax Brevet integrated A&B, is one of the work program of Tax Center – Tel U field training. The goal is to facilitate all participants, especially Tel U students who want to deepen the knowledge and practice of taxation comprehensively as evidenced by the A&B Brevet certification. The trainees are expected to apply the knowledge They've gotten in the workforce world later.

Registrant on training of applied tax Brevet A&B integrated tax Center – Tel U More and more, for a batch VI this time was previously opened for 2 classes but because of the more enthusiasts then the Committee opened 1 more class so that it became 3 classes with a total Trainees to 80 people. The trainees generally come from the S1 accounting department, but there are also other Prodi such as the administration and business Prodi and the computer accounting department. And starting this batch there are also non-Tel U training participants as much as 1 person. This A&B Brevet tax training is held in a span of approximately four months, implemented every Saturday from 09.00 a.m. to 16.00 WIB.

The opening of the applied taxation training of A&B integrated Batch VI was followed by all the Brevet participants with various different background generations. The trainees will be divided into three classes with 25 – 30 each in one class. In addition to participants, the student Tax Center officers also attend and enliven the opening of the A&B Brevet tax training, as well as representatives from the Directorate of Research and community service attending and contributing to this event.

Completion of the welcome session and the inauguration of the opening of applied tax training of A&B Batch VI integrated Brevet by Mr. Deannes, the event closed with a prayer led by Mr. Muslih. Next, the photo session was shared with all the participants with the Tax Center, then participants headed to the classrooms to start the Brevet tax training series. Hopefully the implementation of this tax training goes smoothly from start to finish. Skin.

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