Bandung, Accounting Tel-U — on Thursday (24/1/2019) accountancy with The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) conducts socialization on The accounting profession of accountants. Located in the Hall of Economics and business Level 5, the seminar was attended by accounting student of Tel-U from various generations. This socialization was attended by the father of Muslih as secretary of the accounting department of Tel-U and socialization material delivered by the mother Dames Nurceny of ACCA Indonesia.

The seminar that began with the welcome of Mr. Muslih who also represents the chief accounting of Tel-U, Mr. Deannes, expressed hopes to all participants in order to understand the importance of material to be delivered by the informant about the certification Profession. In this socialization, Mrs. Dames started the material by explaining about the global competition faced by prospective accounting graduates, namely the number of world leaders who already have ACCA certification such as the CEO of AirAsia, Partner PwC Indonesia, And the CFO of Indosat Oorredoo.

As a lighter in awareness of the importance of accounting profession certification, Dames's mother also gave examples of several companies that tend to prefer more applicants who have certifications such as CPA, CFA, and even ACCA certification itself. For strategic positions such as Accounting Executive and Vice President Finance & Accounting.

The advantage that students get when they want to get this certification than non-students is a special fee that is more effective 30% than the public fee and get a test certification for the subjects that have been pursued during the lecture. In addition to certification, Dames's mother explained that ACCA has other facilities in the form of publication of articles containing the results of ACCA research for free named "Proffesional Insight" and has been reputable so that it can be good news for Students who want to do research or just want to add insight on the global issue of accounting.

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